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"In some small, seed-like way,
I have been a part of encouraging
young people to risk and explore
their significance and look inside.  I
have intertwined with the 'roots'
of who they are and the universe
paused as new possibilities
were birthed."

--Sherry Hudson

These new possibilities took on fresh venues and perspectives for young people, their parents, educators, friends, and me.  Courageous conversations occurred within each of us and among us as the discovery process unfolded.

A foundational theme emerged:  "Life is a series of Choices, Not Chances.  Situations happen.  It's not the situation, but what you choose to do about it that determines the outcome."

The process continued and we added "Experiences happen.  It's not the experience, but the story you tell yourself about the experience that leaves the imprint."

The venues for these activities are significant in both professional and personal arenas.

School Districts have benefited greatly from these processes, especially in terms of special needs children and those who are pre-identified as such.  My work provides vehicles to take youth from a stance of risk to one of resiliency.

Parents are encouraged to use this knowledge to unleash their inner wisdom and work with their children from newly discovered places of love, understanding, and encouragement.

Individuals, both adults and children, have gained new insights into who they are and how they can cultivate the rich soil of themselves so their dreams can sprout.

Give yourself a gift by browsing the website for more detailed information about how to create Deliberate Success in your life . . . On Purpose and By Design!

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